Monday, 20 January 2014

Week 2 Weigh In

As I mentioned in my post this morning, Week 2 didn't go so well. But I put my big girl knickers on and went to Curves this morning for my weekly weigh in and workout.

It was really good to sit down with my coach and talk through last week, the highs and the lows.  She was able to give me some suggestions on things to do.

So, as predicted, I did gain... almost everything I lost. So I am currently sitting at 109.5kg, but looking at the positive side, it's still 200g less than my original weight. and I spose a loss is a loss and heading in the right direction.

After my workout I headed to the other side of Canberra for my doctors visit. She is really happy with my progress since I was diagnosed with anxiety and we have decided that I will go back in a couple of months to see how everything is going and to see about the possibility of starting to lower my anti depressant dosage. I don't want to rush it, but I do want to be drug free again.

I also got my grocery shopping done, so hopefully I will be able to stick to the plan this week. I am just about to put the plan on my fridge so that I can see it all the time.

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