Monday, 6 January 2014

And... GO!

So today was Day 1 of Curves Complete and overall it was a success!! YAY!

I have to admit, this morning I wasn't so keen... it's all well and good being excited about it all until it actually comes to doing it.  Luckily I had told Nessa we were going to the gym today, funnily enough, that's what kept me accountable!  I woke up tired and just really couldn't be arsed with it all. But I made the decision to just get on with it.

I have tried to not over think it, as that tends to be my downfall.  I just became a bit of a robot and followed my meal plan on the fridge. Overall I haven't been hungry, but I haven't felt full either.  I was feeling a little peckish tonight, so I had a decaf coffee to tide me over until morning.  Not technically food, and it is still calories, but I am not giving up coffee for anything!

Nessa was really well behaved at the gym, the downside was the music there was so loud she couldn't hear anything in her headphones for what she brought along, however she sat there and waited. I did show her on the clock at what time I would be finished, so that was really good for her to see. Afterwards she had a small play on the playground, where I sadly got burnt... not happy!! It would have only been about 10 minutes, but my shoulders are all red!!

Today I have really struggled with no chocolate.  Today is also the first day I have completely gone without, so it's to be expected that I would struggle with it. It was especially hard seeing the box of Roses B and I got as a gift for Christmas and watching Nessa eat a chocolate crackle, but I have held strong, and ignored the thoughts of "you can just have one".

My food for today was pretty well balanced. I'm not usually a sharer of everything I have eaten, but this was my day today:

Breakfast: Cheesy eggs and an orange
Snack 1: Cashews
Lunch: Ham, cheese, salad and mustard wrap
Snack 2: Grapes and cheese
Dinner: Chicken fried rice

With dinner, I do need to share it with you, because it was amazing!! We have the Tefal Actifry and admittedly we bought it to make healthy meals in, but it has mostly been used for dim sims, chips and spring rolls.  A while ago I came across this video and wanted to try it out, which is one of the reasons why I chose the Chicken Fried Rice recipe through Curves. I modified both recipes to come up with my own, but basically it was chicken, brown rice and carrot, shallots and snow peas from our garden as well as some garlic and an egg. It was so good!! We will definitely have it again!!

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