Sunday, 12 January 2014

Week 1 Wrap Up

I can't believe it's Sunday already! My first week is done!

Already I feel better in so many ways! My head feels clearer and I am feeling better within myself; happier and less anxious. I don't know if it's because I have been eating better and exercising or simply because I am just doing something about it all.

Food-wise I have been pretty spot on. I have been tempted by "yummier" foods, but I managed to stay strong. I don't want to get into a routine of denial with foods, but I would like to at least be able to work my self control a little more first.

Curves wanted 4 workouts, but I have made a decision to skip my Saturday workouts for the time being and I'm ok with that. I did really well in my workouts and pushed myself so that was really good.

Tomorrow I have my first weigh in with Curves... I have to admit I had a sneaky weigh in yesterday, and if that remains similar then I will be very happy!

What I do need to work on is getting my water intake in and making my lunches when I am working, so that I don't always buy my lunch and I don't skip my lunch and get to have it pretty much on time.

I got a tip off the forum the other day for meal planning (which seems really obvious now), where I have the same snacks each day and meals or meals that use similar ingredients so that I don't have too much wastage. Dinners are fine as there are 3 people eating those, but for lunches, breakfasts and snacks this would work really well. I have to make a few more tweaks to my plan for next week, but we will see how that goes!

Overall, this week has been a big WIN!!

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  1. Congrats Whirlsie, well done. First week is always hard (second one is Seriously though, it sounds like your head is in the right place for it. I saw this little quote from Mish yesterday, which seemed to resonate with me so I will share it on to you for some added motivation .."If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!" Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.