Thursday, 2 January 2014

Getting the Ball Rolling

So, today my Curves opened up again after the break, so after work this evening, I drove to the gym and sat down with the owner, Chris.

Chris is quite lovely, she is no nonsense, and tells it as it is, but is also caring.  I talked to her about my anxiety issues and my lifestyle and after walking through the options, I have signed up for  Curves Complete.

The Curves Complete program is basically all of that sensible stuff.  Eat right, exercise and get support.  Each week I will see my 'coach' (I have asked for Mondays as it's my day off and as I will already be there, I will fit a workout in too) and we will talk about what has been going on and how I have been doing.  Apparently she will also help me set some goals, which is pretty cool.

The program starts on Monday, so I have been watching some videos online that go with the program. I'm pretty tired tonight, so tomorrow I will go through the meal plan and adjust it to fit us here, then I will be able to get the groceries done and I'll be all set for Monday.

Overall, I am looking forward to exercising again... not for the actual exercise, but because I love the environment at my local Curves and also because I feel so much more clear-headed.

I also had a weigh and measure today... I am tempted to bare all and put all of my figures out there... who knows, it might be motivating!!

Anyway, that's my little update... the only other bit I will add is a WIN: since my initial post, I haven't bought any chocolate and while I have eaten chocolate... it hasn't been an entire block! YAY!

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