Monday, 20 January 2014

Week 2 in Review... and my Week 1 weigh in

I have been meaning to write this post all week, and maybe if I had the week would have gone better...

Overall it wasn't a bad week, but due to the heat and having a five year old underfoot all week, it really didn't go as planned and I'm pretty sure I will have gained weight this week.

I think it really started after my weigh in last week.  The problem is, my scales are much kinder and I was a little disappointed that my weigh in wasn't as good, especially for a first week weigh in.  In saying that I lost 1.1kg so it's nothing to sneer at, but because I was expecting a 2kg loss, I was disappointed.

I think because of this disappointment I became quite lax in my eating habits, but also in my mindset.  I didn't print out my plan or watch my Curves videos.  Looking back I think having my weekly plan on the fridge makes a big difference as it is a constant reminder.

Foodwise, there was chocolate... not blocks, but there was chocolate... and I found that as soon as I had some, I wanted more each day. Because we were in over 40 degree heat, all I wanted was quick and easy food... which meant we had pizza a couple of times this week too... which definitely didn't help.  Plus there was a date night last night (bowling) where we had hot dogs and chips, so over all I think this week can be counted as a bit of a fail.

I also missed a work out due to a weird work schedule, so I only got 2 in this week.

I think I will keep my meal plan this week as close to last weeks as possible, just for ease as well as using up some of the ingredients we didn't use this week.

I have my weigh in at 10am this morning and then a work out, so we'll see how that goes.  I think as soon as I get home this morning I will need to write a blog post just to try and get my head right. And I will have to make sure I watch the videos too.


  1. It's really hard to stay focused when you have external stresses. Don't add any more stress on yourself by worrying about the past week, just focus on the days ahead. And congrats on the 1.1kg loss. I'm just happy to see a decrease of 100gms these days, let alone 1.1. And even if you gained a few 100grams back last week, it will still be a successful fortnight. Congrats.

    1. Thanks chez :) It's a new week, so just need to be a robot :)